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Thread: Speech recoder

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    Speech recoder

    Hello Friends,

    I am trying to write an application that records sound as wave or mp3 using a mobile phone and then transfers the sound through an IP connection to a server for further processing. Are these 2 requirements - 1. Recording sound using a mobile phone and 2. transfering sound through an IP connection to a server possible?

    Can anyone be kind to tell me which Nokia mobile phones can do both of these as I would like to buy one and try writing applications that do this?

    Please do reply.
    Thanks for the help
    Warm Regards

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    You should better look for audio capture in the AMR format, eventually transcoding it to MP3 on the PC's side, because MP3 is not part of the standard 3GPP formats.
    I think there are quite a lot of posts on this forum as regarding to terminals supporting audio capture through the MMAPI.

    If you're looking for a production application, you should consider using HTTP connection to a web server with a server-side script (PHP, CGI, etc.) to retrieve the data, rather than TCP-level connection which might be limited by the carrier.
    Also expect some limitations on the amount of data sent through a single HTTP request.

    Have fun !


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