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Thread: read text file

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    read text file

    I want to write a j2me program to read a a text file using readUTF to read a string from a text file.
    It is successed that i can implement this task. But the problem is :
    1. the size for all text file is larger than 2MB. But my phone 5140 restricted the jar size to ~128KB. Can I write a program that retrieve textfile inside other jar file? If not, how can I solve it?

    2. I use readUTF to read String from the text file, owing to the limit memory. I cannot read all material from the file into String and store it in textBox. Each time I can only read part of the file and display it the textBox. When the program read near the end of the file, how can i using the UP_Key to display the previous part of the file but it is read and store in String(the content of the string is replaced by the latter part of the file) before?
    Thank you!
    Sorry for my poor English.

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    That's a big file and much bigger than you would want to include in a JAR file. Your best bet is going to be accessing it over WAP/GPRS. Store the file on your web site and use HTTP to access different portions of the file. You can write some code that sends a request to a PHP script (an offset and length for example, or eve word search) and the PHP script will server up the data.

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