The Nokia 7710 SDK for Symbian OS, for C++ 1.0 was published in the beginning of January. Separate versions for Metrowerks Codewarrior and Microsoft Visual C++.NET/Borland C++Builder IDEs are available for download in .

For instructions how to use Bluetooth in testing your applications with the SDK, please refer to 'Setting Up And Using Bluetooth Hardware With Development Tools v1.1' document that you can download from | Resources | Bluetooth | Documents section. The system requirements described in the document apply to the Nokia 7710 SDK, too.

The Nokia 7710 SDK package only provides one Bluetooth example. However, you can utilize ready-made Series 80 Bluetooth examples:
1) Copy them from the Series 80 SDK
2) download the examples zip package from | Resources | Symbian | Code and Examples section.

Copy the desired examples under Nokia 7710 SDK examples folder and compile on your IDE. Now you can run the examples on the emulator :-)

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