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    upload J2ME app onto Java phones

    Hi, all,

    I'm new to J2ME and I want to know how can you upload J2ME app onto Java phones? I hava a Nokia 6620 and a data cable. Is there a special software I must download to upload the app? Can anybody tell me the normal steps to upload app? I know 2 files are needed: JAR and JAD. Are there any phone-specific files I need to upload, too?

    Are there any difference in app upload for different Java phones, like Motorola and Siemens? Do I need to obtain special phones that are for development only? Or, do all Java phones can be used for app development purpose when you buy them in the stores?

    I don't want to use IR or BT because it's not convinent.

    Thank you.

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    To install a Java application via cable you need Nokia PC Suite software (probably shipped with the phone). There are several other way eg. infra, bluetooth, wap,...
    Installing to other phenes may differ, but the wap works on all model. I recommend to use bluetooth or irda.
    You don't need any special phone for development.

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