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    RE: No way for pinboard?!!!

    Please try the 1.0 SDK. It contain the headers like 'PinbLnkbase.h'.

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    No way for pinboard?!!!

    Hello Nokia Development team,
    Some of the application come with the 7650 are able to
    add the document link to favourite(pinboard).
    Can I assume that the favouritesDb is the class to access
    pinboard link?
    If yes, some of the header file required to build with the
    favouritesDb are missing (like PinbLnkbase.h).
    Are there any other correct ways to add to favourite?
    Or something link Create a link for a documents?
    Or the pinboard is not open to other application to use it.
    It is only used by those built in application.


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    Adding link

    Could any body tell me how to use the favouritesDb CPinbLinkBase class to add a link to file in the favourites?

    thanks in advance

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