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    Sample code about Text entry

    I am giving away my code about new prototype of Text entry on mobile phone. Pls go to: http://www.geocities.com/vvu76/MyCodeandWork/
    Have fun!
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    great work


    I happen to download ur Guessing word game, and was totally impressed by it. Even with T9 , i keep seeing people using normal tap method of inputtting so ur idea makes total sense. With little more of improvement in performance and may be in database this can be really implemented in mobiles.

    Do u have sm sort of learning mechanism added to the concept, so that after smtime the program knows the common words the user types and can give better usability for the person.

    anyway good work, congrats

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    Thanks for your comment. Actually this is my thesis work one year ago so some details i forgot. But i remember well that i intended to implement the "adaptive learning" feature. The only obstacle is the capability of J2ME v1.1 at that time so the modification of database, e.g. txt, dat files after each session is trouble some. Therefore, i quitted this idea though i did some research on it, see my previous posts on Record Set. One year passed and there maybe more new inovations. Please search Google by key word: mobile phone text entry you will see a lot of thesis works in this topic.
    1> My idea is inspired by the LetterWise tech, Canada. Please check back their URL(try to search by G) for another impressive demo.
    2> Two-tap is a copyrighted idea of my advisor, Dr.sumanta guha; i just implemented it and tried a naive mechanism for scrolling screen!. I appreciate this method though i think that it is more suitable for Kanji system: Korean, Japanese, etc.
    Pls feel free to criticize my work. Any idea/new development is welcomed.
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