i am developing application to recieve data from Bluetooth and transfer to the web server.

Blutooth.cpp, http.cpp.
We are using active scheduler in both the cases.

From Runl() when the value is recieved we called the DoCancel()
from Docancel() we move to httpclient class to post the data.
The value posted successfully then it returns to Do cancel().
Again it retuns back to Runl(), then it moves to waitonconnectionl().

void CMessageClient::WaitOnConnectionL()
if (iState != EConnected)
iSendingSocket.Read(iDummyBuffer, iStatus);

It executes upto setactive() and comes out of the program.

If the application is executed independently it works fine.

But it dosent works out when we corelated.

But we need to execute it symmetrically.
Is it possible toexcute both symetrically.

Thanks in Advance,