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    Weblogging pictures and text from a mobile phone

    Hi all, I have developed a MIDlet that allows to take snapshots with your phone, enter a comment and send it all on Internet. This is a kind of blog but from (and on) your phone !

    It works well on my Nokia 6600 but I don’t know on other devices, if some of you want to try it and eventually give me some feedback, I would enjoy it. Here is the web page of my downloadable MIDP application :


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    You list the Nokia 6230 as a device compatible with your software. But when I run mediAlbum on my Nokia 6230, I receive the message "Snapshot not possible with this devvice". This is not much surprising, when reading this thread:

    But maybe you have some more information about the MMAPI implementation on the Nokia 6230? Maybe with some newer software revision, it's possible to take pictures with MMAPI?

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    Server software?

    Hi, I just had a look at your midlet, looks nice and simple, but I was wondering if you would consider releasing the server specification, as I would like to incorporate something like this into my own blog so that i can blog from my phone. I notice that the web addresses are stored in the Jad file, was just wondering if I could change those URLs and get it working with my site if I did a bit of scripting to take the upload.

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