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    display masked AND scaled bitmaps

    hi all

    i'm doing my first steps in symbian-programming for SX1.

    is it possible to display bitmaps which are masked AND scaled?

    i only found:
    BitBlt - to draw unscaled and unmasked bitmaps
    BitBltMasked - to draw masked bitmaps
    DrawBitmap - to draw scaled bitmaps

    is there any function or workaround to draw a masked bitmap every frame in a new size?

    thx in advance!

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    Nope, only way to do it is to scale the image & mask before drawing them.

    Anyway, was just looking into SDK docs for CPAlbBitmap and its GetAnimFrameWithMaskL()- function. it seems that it might be able to scale the images & masks during loading them. I never tried scaling on this class, but I think it could be worth of trying anyway.


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    thx yucca!

    i have to scale the masked images in every frame of an animation ... so i think i'll have to do it as you sai in two steps ...

    right now i made two offscreen bitmaps. on the first one i draw the correctly scaled bitmaps with DrawBitmap.
    on the second one i draw all the masks withe the according position and scale.
    after that i draw the two offscreen bitmaps to the display with BitBltMasked.

    that works ... but its slow

    any better approaches?

    but thx for your help so far!!

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