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    Unhappy About Setup Bluetooth

    Hi, everybody.

    now I want to develop the Series 60 Bluetooth Application.

    but on Emulater, I can not test bluetooth application.
    so, I want to setup bluetooth connection.

    my PC is ThinkPad T41 with Bluetooth.
    Can I use this bluetooth module for development?
    How do I setup?

    Please teach me this.

    Thanks a lot.

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    The emulator has its own Bluetooth stack down to HCI and you have to get access to the low-level protocols of the Bluetooth HW. The built-in implementations do not provide this kind of support. You need a separate Bluetooth product that you install as a COM port. Further information about setting up Bluetooth HW can be found from forum.nokia.com | Bluetooth | Documents.

    The second option is to install NCF (Nokia Connectivity Framework) that support simulation of Bluetooth traffic between two emulators running on the same PC. C++ SDKs support one running instance only so you need to make a copy of an SDK to get multi-instance support.

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    another question

    when i try to turn off the bluetooth function under conections/bluetooth on the s602ndED. FP2 emulator it says: unable to perform bluetoothoperation.

    i haven't tested with two emulators yet but it doesn't feel right as it is.

    is this normal, will it work anyway?



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    multi-instance support

    are there any more detailed descriptiones on how to get the multi-instance support to work.

    i've made an comy of Series60_v21 in the 7.0S folder, maned it Series60_v21Copy and created a new product integration, making it look (what i think) right. using virtual com3 for the bluetooth connection, and mapping to the right epoc.exe
    butt it doesn't work.
    everythings looks right except that no bt messages are sent

    any ideas on what i missed?


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