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    Moving to Avkon View Switching Architecture

    Hi ,

    I have a got a list box Screen ( CAknSingleLargeStyleListBox ) with thumbnail image and the filename from corresponding Images Folder. Now, I need to add a "Settings" option to the Menu, which will open a new View with Username and Password. I am not using Avkon View Switching Architecture till now (not deriving from CAknViewAppUi), So to add the "Settings" should I have to convert my existing Application into View Switching Architecture, or is there any other way just to add the Settings Screen ?


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    you could just delete the old container in your appui class and construct new one. Then you might also switch menu's accordily as well as keep track on which container is active (easiest way is to remember to set the pointer NULL after deleting them, so the only container pointer that is non-null will be the currently active one)


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