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    Rconnection and RSocket

    Hello All

    I have established a GPRS connection using Rconnection class, which is established successfully. Now I want to use the same connection for y sockets so that it doesn't ask for IAP as it has already done while establishing connection.
    For this I have used following API of RSocket class

    TInt Open(RSocketServ& aServer,TUint addrFamily,TUint sockType,TUint protocol, RConnection& aConnection);

    But the problem is my application crashes at this function call and I cant check it on emulator as GPRS connection is not established over emulator.

    Can anybody please guide what is causing mine application to crash as same application works well with other API of RSocket.


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    what is the erro reason shown, when the applicationcrashes ?

    more infor of how to get the error note to show right can be found from here; http://www.newlc.com/article.php3?id_article=150


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