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    using the camera


    I'm writing an application in which the user needs to capture a series of images, and the app processes them. I have a few questions regarding the process.

    1) Would it be better to capture a series of still images or a movie? I realize the answer depends greatly on the resolution I need, but another issue is online processing. I would like to be able to start processing the first images while the user is still taking the rest of the series. Will there be enough time for the processor between frames being shot, to process them? If so, if I'm shooting a movie (not stills), will there be access to the first frames while shooting continues?

    2) What is better to use, a CCamera object or a CVideoRecorderUtility object? What are the differences? what are the pros and cons of each?

    3) During the process I need to convert the captured images to my own format for fast processing, and then back to some symbian format I can display and save. What's the best and fastest way to convert? I though about direct memory access, TBitmapUtil, and also a CImageProcessor for conversions back to symbian format? I will need to support various formats of images (RGB, gray, etc...)

    Any comment or help will be greatly appreciated.

    Yaron Tadmor

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    I am doing a similar application which requires image processing on a CFbsBitmap image.

    I created a new class called Img which contains two TInt objects for the image size and a TUint32** for a 2-dimensional array.

    I then made a second class called ImgLib whihc contains an Img object and also functions to allocate the 2D array, convert from CFbsBitmap to the 2D array and vica versa.

    When I get my image I convert it to the 2D array using the ImgLib and then do my processing and then convert it back when I need to save it.

    This works for me, perhaps you could do something similar.


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    Re: using the camera

    I tried to write similar application and I have one problem: phone asks permition to take each picture. is there any possibility to pass over such permissions or to give one permission for the whole session?

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