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    jdk 1.4 + 9210 sdk = problems

    Well, we have a little problem and it occurs on four different machines (two have win98 and two winxp). Every machine has jdk 1.4.0 and the same version of 9210 sdk (1.2). Problem is that we can't run _any_ program on emulator, it closes itself as soon as we run our program. And it doesn't matter how simple it is, even this doesn't work http://www.mobiletechnologyforum.com/materiaali/koodit/9210/Hello.java (Sorry, comments only in Finnish) Is this a known bug or something like that? Our program needs jdk 1.4 (actully only server-side, but...) so it would be a great thing if it would work. Ideas?
    Olli Rajala <><

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    RE: jdk 1.4 + 9210 sdk = problems

    The Nokia 9200 Communicator series SDK for Symbian OS 1.2 require Windows NT 4.0.
    Please post This question to the Java Discussion Board. There are the Java Experts who can help you with this question.

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