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    Opening socket connection fails

    Hi folks, I have a problem with connecting to my server using a nokia 6600. I use the following code to open a client socket connection:

    void Connect(void)
    TRequestStatus iStatus;
    RSocket iClientSocket;
    RSocketServ iSocketServ;
    TInetAddr iAddress;
    //User::LeaveIfError(iClientSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream,KProtocolInetTcp));
    iClientSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream,KProtocolInetTcp);
    iAddress.SetAddress(INET_ADDR(217,xxx,xxx,xxx)); //Connect to my java server at home
    iClientSocket.Connect(iAddress, iStatus);


    But my server(written in java) never tells me that my client trys to connect. Am I missing some basic things here?
    I checked, that my server is up and working and it should notify me of every attempt of a socket connection attempt

    This is my first Symbian app, but except that socket connection everything works fine, I'm using C++Builder and SDK 1.2. The app compiles fine and it is running on the phone, after I call Connect() my application quits itself, which shouldn't matter, no?

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    The basic problem of your application according to my knowledge is that you have to install the ethernet plug-in intially in order to make these kind of applications work on emulator.

    I suggest you to install SDK 2.1 which have the in-built ethernet support.


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