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    Wap stack 7650 SAR

    I am trying to develop application (for 7650) that uses wap-stack to send and receive data. Problem is when i connect to wap-gw, wap-gw informs "no sar implemented,aborting transaction" and connection ends. Nokia wap-browser works ok with my wap-gw.

    Do you know how to fix this problem? How can i make connection without sar?

    Thanks in advance.


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    RE: Wap stack 7650 SAR

    1., you can use the WAP stack in CL ( connection less) mode. There will be no SAR.
    2., Try to find a GW which supports SAR.
    3., SAR is enabled on 7650 by default and this setting is read only. But WTP uses SAR only if the message is "big", like over 1400 bytes( or whatever is this setting in your phone ).

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