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    Question Is it possible to bring my application to the foreground when there the call income??

    when my application is running ,if the call income,the system dialog for incoming call will show ,but i think hide the incoming call dialog and show my own ???
    how to hide the system dialog to the behind of my own, or cancle the system dialog but keep incoming call function???
    please tell me ,thank you .

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    hi dophine2000

    Yes you can bring your applicaton to foreground on encountering an incoming call.

    To monitir for incoming call use
    Class RLine
    while has method

    void NotifyIncomingCall(TRequestStatus& aStatus, TName& aName);
    Provides notification to a client when an incoming call is detected.

    TRequestStatus& aStatus A variable that indicates the completion status of the request.

    TName& aName On request completion, contains the name of the incoming call.

    and getting event for incoming call in your code , you can

    try following code

    TApaTask myTask(iEikonEnv->WsSession( ));

    //Sets this task's window group ID.

    // Brings this task to the foreground.
    // If the task uses the View architecture, then the task's top view
    // is activated.

    Hope this information will help you.

    Navjot Singh

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