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    Trying to narrow down ether-plugin problems: Please join in!

    Hi folks!

    I'm trying to narrow down the problems I'm (and others are) having with the network emulation via ethernet plugin.

    Seems to be subtle matter of configurations as I was able to get it up and running on a freshly installed W2k but couldn't get it working on two different XP installation. Sunil, on the other hand, has reported success on an XP installation.

    Question to you guys now is: What OS are _YOU_ using, are you successful with the plugin and can you give details to your OS configiration. Maybe we can narrow it down.

    Just for the books. I was successful with W2k (no patches, no firewall, no nothing) but were not with XP (patched but no SP2 with Sygate fw) and XP (SP2 / Sygate fw).

    Okay guys, what are your experiences???

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    Hey guys!

    No one there to give a short sketch on their working (or disfunctional) Ethernet plugin configuration?

    I have the feeling that having a configuration landscape could really help nailing down the key to success in that matter!


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    Problem regarding connection of emulator with internet

    Tried for the connection of the emulator with internet. But as the mRouterLite.exe file is not available with the sdk, the connecting process could not be completed. We did it from the site http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...he+emulator%2A .

    Now there is no way to test the application, other than from the mobile.PLease give u r response as soon as possible...

    Thank you,

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