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    Interrupt CMdaAudioPlayerUtility playback

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing a player using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility. Whenever there is a message interrupt (phone call or SMS, for examples), the player stop with KErrDied. I want to resume the playback when it's possible.

    Currently, I monitor for the call status change using System Agent. But is there any way to monitor when the message tone ends?

    Currently, I make it retry after 1 second. It's ok with default message tone which is slightly shorter than 1 second but I tried with a longer midi for message tone (like 5 seconds or more). What happens is my player keep trying to play and die and try again. Also make the message tone paused a little while during its playback.

    Is there anyway to know if the sound channel is free or not? Instead of just try to play in my player and let it die with KErrDied?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi luke ,
    I am not getting your problem exactly.
    If you want to monitor for some incoming or outgoing call from the device , then you can use etel APIs provided by Symbian .
    Look for class : RLine
    It provides a methods

    void NotifyIncomingCall(TRequestStatus& aStatus, TName& aName);

    Provides notification to a client when an incoming call is detected.


    void NotifyStatusChange(TRequestStatus& aStatus,RCall::TStatus& aLineStatus);

    Provides notification about a change in the line status.

    Hope this information is helpful to you.

    Navjot Singh

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    Re: Interrupt CMdaAudioPlayerUtility playback


    I have understood your problem. I want to make something similar, but with recording instead of playing. I also face the problem of KErrDied when a phonecall is dialled. Interestingly, the error occurrs slightly (1 to 1.5 seconds) after the call is connected, not exactly when the connection is reported.

    Unfortunately I currently do also not know of any other way instead of retrying to start the playback/recording again and watch for the error code.

    br, Marcel

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    Dear marcel ,
    if u want to retry recording and playing ,
    then ur player must release that file ,
    u may call stop() and then close() methods ,

    but i u are playing same file , then just call play() it should work ,


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