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    CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo on 9500 hangs?

    Has anyone managed to successfully use CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo on a 9500 device? I found that this function just hangs when I invoke it with the phone part turned on (with the phone off, the request completes with an error).

    This seems to happen both when I use it synchronously (similar to the Series 60 snippet in http://www.newlc.com/article.php3?id_article=425), or asynchronously, as shown in the SDK docs.

    For comparison, GetSubscriberId works for me when used asynchronously, while the request never completes if used synchronously (which could indicate that there are additional Active Objects hidden inside it that need full scheduler loop to do their job...).

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    Re: CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo on 9500 hangs?

    have you solved it?
    i am facing the same problem on getting network operator name.


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