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    Question prefetch() crashes


    if I try to prefetch a midi-file on Series 60 Symbian Midp2 SDK 2.1 Emulator I get a strange Error. The Symbian OS pops up an errormessage saying "Program closed: jes-0-java-mma@6f02f8".

    The Program runs on the Standard WTK and other emulators with JSR-135 without any problems. And even an older Version of the Symbian Midp2 Emulator runs perfect.

    What does the errormessage means? Is this an Emu-Bug?

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    I have seen this problem as well and am not sure why this is occurring. Anyone? Seems like there a many questions up here in regards to audio and some of the Series 60 ... but not always definitive answers.

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