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    PortInUseException (SerialChat example) on 9210

    I have tried to run the SerialChat example on a 9210 Communicator. It recognizes three ports: DATACOM::0, COM1 and IrDA. When I select anyone of those and try to initialize it, I get a PortInUseException (unknown application).
    There is no other application running except the file manager from where I started the SerialChat.
    What is using the ports? Is this a bug? Or what am I missing?

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    RE: PortInUseException (SerialChat example) on 9210


    This error occurs when your Port is not free and occupied by another application.
    The PC Suite for Nokia Communicator application is usually activated when you start up your PC as default (in the Windows Startup folder), or after using it, you forget to deactivate (close) it. The connection sign on the bottom-right corner of your PC screen appears. In this case, just click on the sign with your right mouse button and simply close it. The port COM1 of your PC is now free for your application. If the port is not occupied by the PC Suite application, check other communication programs if any of them is using the port.


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