Hi all,

I am developing an application that uses WMA to send messages. This application should also allow user to access the phonebook in the phone when sending messages. I have read that the phones have to be JTWI (or JSR 185) - compliant in order to do the above.

So, i went to check out which Nokia phones are JTWI-compliant (as i need to know this information). I have found out (from some Nokia Series 40 documents) that Series 40 Platform 2.0 phones are JTWI-compliant. However, when i check out the individual technical specs of those phones, Nokia 6170 & 7260 do not provide JSR 185 (i.e. not JTWI-compliant). How true is this?

Also, the technical specs of Series 60 phones do not state that they are JTWI-compliant. However, i have tried my application on two phones (Nokia 6260 & 7610) and both of them are able to allow access to phonebook. I have also read somewhere in this forum that 6600 also allow access.

So, are all Series 60 phones JTWI-compliant? Why wasn't this information provided in the technical specs? Or is there another specs/api that such phones provide (since Series 60 phones are running Symbian OS) such that access to phonebook is allowed?

Anyone knows? Please advise... Thanks in advance for any help.