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    midp 2 sound - best format ?

    I`m developing my first midp 2 app. and am looking to develop sound content with the best quality / ease of use / file size & most important - portability / use with the widest range of phones possible.

    midi looked widely supported ( apart from differing 'poly' support ) and I downloaded several shareware sequencers that were hard to understand how to use, but it seems geared mainly for quality music reproduction such as ring tones rather than sound effects ? - I spent hours achieving nothing here !

    free wav samples were quickly found and sounded great but the file sizes were huge (5-10K) and wav is only supported by the latest high end models anyway - a standard for the future perhaps !

    finally tone sequence generation appears to be supported by all midp2.0 devices as its part of the midp2 spec but can only produce basic effects which you have to design/program yourself - but unlike midi I found it relatively easy to learn and was producing my own effects quickly. It is also very light on size - several lines of code per effect and no large external file to squeeze into that jar!

    any comments much appreciated as info seems very thin on the ground !

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    Since lot of sound formats are available; wav is the best ; the second comes the MP3;but not compatible with all devices ; then 3rd comes the MIDI;compatible with almost all devices but average quality!


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