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    Back softkey in 6310, how it can be disabled?

    Is there some way to disable (not to show at all) the right softkey in the Nokia 6310 phone? I do not have do element like <do type="prev" ...> at all on the deck or card, but the key is always shown?
    The same wml works OK (=does not show the Back key at all) in some other Nokia phones e.g. 6210 and also with Nokia Wap June 2000.
    - Riitta

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    RE: Back softkey in 6310, how it can be disabled?


    Right softkey is implemented as Back key even though there is no <do type="prev> in the WML code. There is no way to take this feature off because it is the browser implementation. It is recommended to include <do type="prev"> in the code to avoid situation where there is Back key visible.


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