I have already seen several posts on the CMdaAudioRecorderUtility class. So, hopefully someone here can help us with our problem.

We have an application that uses the CMdaAudioRecorderUtility to record speech from the phone microphone and save it to a wav file.

When we build the app using the SDK for OS 7.0 (Nokia Series 60 2.1 SDK) and run the app on a 6600, it operates as expected. However, when run on a 6630, the app pops up a message which reports "Feature not supported". This seems to happen on a call to the RecordL() method of CMdaAudioRecorderUtility.

We thought that rebuilding the app using the SDK for OS 8.0 may fix the problem, but unfortunately this does not seem to help.

Can anyone help with this problem? What exactly does "feature not supported" indicate?