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    Any Expert Comments!!!!!!!!!

    Hi All Symbian Experts,
    I havs a query, see it carefully,

    Some time before I was trying to play video files in my application on Symbian 6.1. I searched a lot on forum sites but didnt got any API ref, as video API are not present on Symbian 6.1. Fine so far. But how Nokia 3650 has a video recorder/player in it as it is also based on Symbian 6.1.
    Then I came to know about plug ins. But the ECom plug-in framework was introduced in Series 60 Developer Platform 2.0.
    So, it cant be used.

    Any idea about how Nokia 3650 achive this.


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    Well, Nokia can make a lot of interesting stuff that you cannot simply because they have complete access to all API. You get only "public API". I guess that if you will be some "partner" to Symbian or Nokia and you will pay for it, you can get access to a lot of interesting information and APIs..:-)

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