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    Mac OS X and cardphone 2

    Anyone know if there are or will be drivers to enable use of the Nokia Cardphone 2 in a Powerbook running Apples OS X ??

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    Got this off a Nokia page today somewhere....
    Lemie know if this works. I know that people are struggling to find d211 support though.

    Apple Script

    apple_serial_modem_gsm.sit (SIT file, 4.0 KB )

    The Apple Macintosh UI Software for the Nokia Card Phone 2.0

    NokiaCardPhone20_11.smi.hqx (HQX file, 1.88 MB )

    Download the file to your Apple Macintosh PowerBook and double click the icon which appears to the desktop. When 'Select the destination folder' window appears, choose a folder or make a new one (for example Card Phone 2.0). The downloaded file will be extracted to the folder and the icon will appear on the desktop. Insert the Nokia Card Phone 2.0 and start the Nokia Card Phone 2.0 User Interface from the desktop.

    System requirements: MacOS 8.6 - 9.1 and PPC Powerbook

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