Dear Developers,

TinyLine: Version 1.1 of Personal Java SVG Tiny implemenation released.
The advances over the previous version 1.0.1 are that
TinyLine now supports pixed point coordinates and declarative SMIL 2.0 Basic
Profile animations. TinyLine 1.1 also provides modification of Tiny SVG
graphics through Tiny Object Model which allows dynamic updates to SVG
documents in response to user events and animations of graphical elements.
The TinyLine home page is located at:

This report
lists the features TinyLine 1.1 currently supports.

Also take a look at on line samples (SMIL Animation and Static).

TinyLine 1.1 is available for download in two forms:
1) For general Personal Java Environment
2) For Nokia 9210 ready to install version

Best Regards,
Andrew Girow