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    6210, Infra Red and XP

    I have been trying to get a windows XP machine to cmmunicate correctly with my Nokia 6210, but am having the following problems. if anyone knows how to resolve this, it would be most appreciated.

    Basically, when the IR port on the phone is activated, it happily talks to the laptop, and is recognised as a modem.

    However, when an attempt is made to establish a dial up connection, the phone dials the number (the number is displayed on the screen), but the number it is meant to dial never actually rings.

    Any ideas?



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    RE: 6210, Infra Red and XP

    1) go to the bios of the pc, and enable irda as IRDA mode and not as Fir

    2)On win xp go to proprerty oh irda and set the speed as 115.2

    3)Intall the pc suite

    4)Have fun!!!

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