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    Bluetooth problem

    I have S60 SDK V0.9 and Socket Communications BT card in my PC. Digianswer's Bluetooth Software Suite have installed to my PC. I tried to run BTDiscovery example, from SDK examples, in emulator. When I choose Options|Discover, emulator says "Bluetooth is currently switched off. Switch on?". When I choose Yes, emulator responses "System error.".

    Is there some settings I must configure? SDK is installed by defaults and this is my first test with S60 emulator. (Don't say that I must change my operating system;)

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    RE: Bluetooth problem


    Please repost your question in the Bluetooth section, where Bluetooth experts/developers can help you better.

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    RE: Bluetooth problem

    Hi Markus,

    The Bluetooth section has instruction on how to set up the emulator to be able to run Bluetooth apps. (There are limitations on the type of data transfer it can handle.) I haven't personally tried the instructions, though. (Don't have Bluetooth in my PC.)

    If you compile the Discovery example for arm and run it in 7650 HW, it will work ok.

    Hope this helps,


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