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    Auto start application related question

    I read thread about auto start and background/foreground issues but I still can't do the following :
    I have an application with a view and container which shows a white screen and an option menu.
    this application is already starting up automatically.
    I want that at the auto start , the app will not be seen and will run in the background.
    if the user chooses to open the app from the application menu - it will be opened and he will be able to work with its menu.
    the idea is that the app runs in the background , but the user can open it in order to change its setup .

    I tried many tests but till now got only one of 2 results :
    1) The app starts in the background but the user can't open it (it stays in the background even if chosen from the app menu).
    2) The app starts and then comes imediately to the foreground (which is already not what I need it to do ).
    my question is :
    how can I make the app act as I described ?

    Thanks in advance , TE

    by the way , I already tried this :

    aif file :

    recognizer :
    cmdLine->SetCommandL( EApaCommandBackground)

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    Is the solution related to the HandleForegroundEventL maybe?

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