There's already a short feature wishlist on Matt Croydon's wiki (, but we should probably start a thread here as well.

From the wiki, the currently listed requests are:

- Compression library of some sort; zlib, gzip, bz2, zip...
- Access to Bluetooth MAC Address
- Access to IMEI
- Access to the camera, microphone and speaker
- some way to find information about other peripherals - e.g. to know if a handsfree set is in use, if a keyboard is present, etc..
- Access to the Address book
- An input box that allows t9
- Create/Update/Delete-access to the Calendar and ToDo databases

From other threads/blogs/requests, I've seen:

- simultaneous bluetooth and gprs connections
- smpt/email modules
- a graphics API
- ability to view images
- access to the SMS inbox

Is there anything else you'd like to have, or perhaps additional details for the items above that are important?