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    Adding new class in VC++ for nokia7650

    I get a problem when I've added a new class in vc++ which results in unresolved external errors when linking

    I can resolve this by manually adding the following lines in the file my_app_name.supp.make:

    Surely there is a way of doing this automatically through the mmp file and/or a prelink stage using nmake. Can anyone help?


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    RE: Adding new class in VC++ for nokia7650

    After you add a new class in vc++, and copied the new cpp file and header file under your application's \src and \inc directories, please add a line to your MMP File, like:

    SOURCE Mynewclass.cpp

    Recreate the Microsoft Visual Studio's workspace with:

    abld makefile vc6

    If Microsoft Visual Studio is open it will ask you to reload the project file. Choose Yes and recompile your project. Linking errors will disappear.

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