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    Question RTP Streaming on Series 60 (specifically the 6600)

    The documentation from Nokia implies that RTP streaming is supported in the MMAPI 1.0 implementation for Series 60 devices. It also goes on to mention that RTP streaming is not supported through a Media Locator (as specified in the MMAPI specification) but rather through an InputStream.

    Unfortunately, this piece of information is not enough to work with. There is no explanation provided regarding what exactly this means. Does this mean that one needs to write a custom DataSource and SourceStream combination? Has anybody had any success doing RTP streaming on Series 60 devices using MMAPI?

    Any hints or explanation in this regard will greatly help.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    The statement is poorly worded. Streaming is not supported at all. The Player implementation requires the entire source stream to be buffered before it starts playing.

    Some people have gotten around this by using multiple players to stitch the stream together, but it's inelegant and causes a small break when switching players.

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