Hi all,

I developed a J2ME application.
You can naviguate through my J2ME application to access my server where are located my resources that I want to sell ( for example a midi file that you want like ringtone).You can listen this midi file through my application.

The operator with that I deal don't want user the premium SMS like payment system.

The telecom operator's payment is based on HTTP connection.
Once the user listen the midi file(for exemple), I display a (WML,HTML, XML, ou i-mode) page witch in there are two linksne to accept buy, another to refuse.

My main problem once he accepts to buy, how to save my midi file like ringtone on my phone.I know there is no solution to save a file like ringtone with J2ME except those implementing JSR75 (a few).

I thought to use platformRequest(String URL) too. I know that MIDP2.0 implement platformRequest(String URL)!: Does all MIDP2.0 handsets implement platformRequest(String URL)?
Do you know a API to integrate a browser in my J2ME application.

Share your example with me. I am locked.

Help me.