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    Installation Problem on the Nokia 6600

    I have placed a text file in the PKG file which is supposed to fire up during installation displaying some application related information. I wanted to give the user an option of whether to continue with the installation or abort it after reading the text.

    To do this, I placed the line:


    in the package file of my application, where 'TA' gives an option of aborting installation.

    The problem is only with the Nokia 6600, if I start installation from the Inbox where the SIS has been sent, and cancel the installation from the Text Display, the installation does abort, but from then on, deleting the SIS from the "Inbox" does not happen and gives an error message of "Already in Use (KErrInUse -14)". However, if without cancelling installation, I carry on and install the application, everything is fine and deletion happens perfectly.

    Has anyone come accros this problem, and if so, I will be very grateful if I can get a solution for this.

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    yep, that seems to be a bug on that phone.
    Try to search the whole c directory tree for *.sis (you probably have fexplorer). you will find it in one of the mail folders. delete it manually.

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