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    Displaying Viewfinder while recording video


    Ok I know for sure this is a very dumb question. I do know that CVideoRecorderUtility can be used to record a video. However, when I looked at the API documentation, it says nothing about displaying the viewfinder while recording video.

    All I wish to ask is, if I want to display the viewfinder, is it true that all I have to do is use CCamera? I'm asking because I'm not sure if CVideoRecorderUtilit uses ECam in the background. If it does, I wonder if it's possible to connect to the camera while the video recorder is using it.

    Newbie here, so kindly pardon my ignorance.

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    This comes a bit late but of course it's possible, all you need to do is call gc.BitBlt() function after CCamera viewfinder frame is ready.

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