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    PP and MIDP libraries

    I have a general question about Personal Profile vs. MIDP libraries.

    Why is it that many of the interresting libraries for MIDP, like BT, Mobile Media and Wireless Messaging, is not available from the Person Profile version?

    It does not seem to make much sense NOT to support this libraries when you finally have a reasonably powerful Java version available... I am aware that you use JNI to access these features, but that does not seem like a good reason not to support the API's directly.

    - Erlend

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    I don't know the exact history for this, but your notice has been widely recognized. In fact there is an initiative and on-going work to define a next generation architecture where these two separate profiles are brought together. Where MIDP is subset of Personal Profile, and vice versa Personal Profile is a superset of MIDP.


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