I have STRANGE frame size problem on 6630 device:

We tried CCamera on Nokia 6630. I looked using EnumerateVideoFrameSizes() method which sizes are supported:
TInt i = myinfo.iNumVideoFrameRatesSupported;
for ( TInt j = 0; j < i; ++j )
TSize size;
iCamera->EnumerateVideoFrameSizes( size, j, CCamera::EFormatYUV420Planar );
TestText.Format( _L("Format %d: %dx%d"),j, size.iWidth,size.iHeight );
gc.DrawText( TestText, TPoint( 10, i*20+20 ) );

The EFormatYUV420Planar was returned in TCameraInfo as the only supported frame format. The size it returns was 176x144, which is the size I need. But when observer method
ViewFinderFrameReady(CFbsBitmap& aFrame) is called aFrame has size 176x132!!!!

Is this another "feature" of MMF on 6630?? Has anzbodz the same problem?? Any solution except using slow DrawBitmap() method to stretch the image size??