hours of surfing and nothing gained... perhaps somebody around here can get me started...

*all* I want to do is set up a site that offers wallpapers, games that I have designed and *all* I want to know is this... how do I 'arrange' it so that consumer X sends an SMS message to a pre-arranged number etc etc and here's the question: billing / payment... how the hell do I get my slice of the action, having done most of the work!

I have enough information on how to do the technical stuff viz a via SMS to and from the device etc etc all I need now is the information needed to allow me to charge for the various products and receive the money in an account somewhere?

Why is it so hard to find out about all this? I have decided not to get involved with the Club Nokia thing because I can't afford the (IMHO useless piece of paper called a test certificate, read the small print) fees to get it 'sanctioned' by Nokia so I want to do it all myself but it's like the Secret Order of Freemasons or something.


Thanks to anybody in advance.
Sean Charles