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    How create a interface between a J2ME and a synthetizer ?

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a solution to create a interface between my application J2ME and my synthetizer (embarked on the handset) written in C/C++.

    The synthetizer is developped by my company in (pur) C/C++ for some manufacturers.It take a midi file like parametre and plays it.I am looking for a solution in order that my J2ME application it to communicate with this synthetizer.

    I can ask to synthetizer's developper to developp a API for J2ME to acces the mobile's resources(filesystem).

    How create a API from(synthetizer C/C++) that I can use from my J2ME application? Or What do I ask to the handset's manufacturer in order to use their API from my J2ME application.


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    There is no native interface support on J2ME/CLDC. On phones where sockets are available in J2ME, you should be able to use them to communicate between Java and C++.

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