I am facing some unexpacted problem:
I am playing an amr file using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility of length 1 min, during play back I am displaying gif files using CPAlbImageViewerBasic. For loading images I press key pad buttons. Also I am using discriptor to play the audio, as files are showing worst results. For loading image I am using: TRAP(err2,iImage->SetImageNameAndDisplaymodeL(openimage,CEikonEnv::Static()->DefaultDisplayMode()));
if(err2==KErrNone) TRAP(err,iImage->LoadImageL());

I had traped all the functions, but after playing for some time, an error is generated in the player (Audio Player). The error is in MoscoStateChangeEvent, whis is inbuilt function. I am not able to trap the error as some time the app works fine, but some time it panic's after some time. The Time of error is also not constant, some time it panic's eariler some time later.

I even tryed to paly jpg in different thread, but it didnt work.

I am totaly confused in this.
Pls tell me is it an API bug or some thing else, as my app is working fine on Nokia 6600, but not on N-Gage an 3650. Also gif files are playing fine on all the phones.

Pls tell me some other method to display jpg files (API) if some exists.

Thanks to all gr8 developers,
Thanks for atleast reading this