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    Some basic questions!!!

    Hi. I am sorry butI am new at this wap development... I have been reading a lot, and I still have these questions. I would really appreciate your help.
    1. For a company to implement wap, what do it needs? That is is it enough to just design the wml pages and post them on its web page (the html one). Or does it need access to a wap gateway or some other thing!!!
    2.In html you can send back information written by the user to a specific URL... In wml how to retrieve such information?
    3. I am not able to surf real wap sites using the Noki toolkit. Should I use a wap gateway address?
    4. I really dont undersand, by whom is the wap gateway used? By phone providers, or any person who want to design a wap page...

    I am sorry for asking such basic questions... but bare with me.. I have a project on this and any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    RE: Some basic questions!!!


    1. Basically you don't need to do nothing but create the pages and store them on your own or ISP's server. You can use your operators WAP Gateway to access the pages in a same way you access any other WAP page. Of course your server/your ISP's server must be visible outside for the operator or the internet.

    2. In WML you place input fields on the WML card and save the values to variables. Those variable values are then posted to the service (WML input field + variables offers the same functionality as input fields in the HTML forms and more). The variable values are sent to the server using either GET or POST method. For the end user the submission is typically shown in the form of a link after the input fields and additionally it can be placed as an option under the options button.

    3. I guess you are behind firewall/proxy and thus cannot access nothing but local files. Configure the HTTP Proxy Server by selecting Settings/Toolkit Preferences/Connection. On the Connection tab, check the box labelled "User Http proxy" and then enter the IP address of your proxy server. You can obtain the IP address from your network administrator.

    4. WAP Gateway is a software working between the WAP device and the web server. Its main function is to convert the WML page from textual format to tokenized (binary/compressed) format, which is readable by the WAP device. If you are not planning to host the WML pages on your own server and having own dial-in server, you don't need to take care about WAP Gateway. You can also test your WAP pages locally without any server/gateway - Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit has a build in Server Simulator.

    Best Regards,
    Mika / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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