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Thread: Field types

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    Field types

    Page 24 in the file API_Reference_for_Python_1.0.pdf is where I found the list of all the data types. There are 16 total there (maybe you are working w/ 2.0?) What I'm having trouble doing is extracting all of the data from the CM_SearchableText column (EDbColBinary format), because it looks to be a null-separated string at first glance but there is no pattern to the data (i.e. sometimes there is "work phone; home phone; sometimes its home phone; work phone"0

    Looking back through the API I find that it really doesn't even matter anymore, as that particular field type is "read only", which defeats the purpose of even needing the data (I want to write to it).


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    I suppose you are responding to my post here.

    I try to read more about field_type too. However, the current e32db is quite limited about binary.
    So, I need to be satisfied with what's given. (unless I could do C-extension myself)

    In case you want to learn more about SQL on python's e32db. Please see this.
    [Symbian OS: Using DBMS APIs v1.0]

    To summarize. Here's the supported SQL:

    SELECT select-list FROM table-name [ WHERE search-condition ] [ ORDER BY sort-order ]
    ... search-condition = compare, like, null
    .... It doesn't support joining multiple tables, though.

    INSERT INTO table-name [ ( column-identifier,… ) ] VALUES ( column-value,… )
    DELETE FROM table-name [ WHERE search-condition ]
    UPDATE table-name SET update-column,… [ WHERE search-condition ]

    CREATE TABLE table-name (column-definition,…)
    DROP TABLE table-name
    ALTER TABLE table-name { ADD add-column-set [ DROP drop-column-set ] | DROP drop-column-set }
    CREATE [ UNIQUE ] INDEX index-name ON table-name ( sort-specification,… )
    DROP INDEX index-name FROM table-name

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    Yeah, I realized after the fact that I must have hit the new topic instead of reply Thanks for the link, and the tips. Can't really see accessing the database as that useful for me until I can update to it--It's such a pain in to type on the small keyboard I was trying to come up w/ an alternative way to put data in there (import from my yahoo contact list to be precise).


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