I use RHTTPSession, RHTTPTransaction to post data to server. How to avoid the appearing of dialog for access point selecting?
I am trying to use such code:

CCommsDatabaseBase m_cdb=CCommsDatabaseBase();
// It includes the necessary behaviour for navigating through the records in the view as well containing member functions for reading and writing to columns within a record.
CCommsDbTableView* tv2 = m_cdb->OpenViewMatchingTextLC ( (TPtrC) IAP, (TPtrC)(COMMDB_NAME), m_connectionName.GetTPtr16() );

resolveResult = tv2->GotoFirstRecord(); ////

//read the COMMDB_ID which is the id needed in the PreferenceStructure
TUint32 iapId;
if ( resolveResult == KErrNone )
tv2->ReadUintL((TPtrC) COMMDB_ID, iapId );

TCommDbIapConnectionPref* aPref;

aPref->iDirection = ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing;
aPref->iDialogPref = ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt;
aPref->iBearer.iBearerSet = ECommDbBearerCSD;
aPref->iBearer.iIapId = iapId;
aPref->iRanking = 1;

//Provides access to the Connection preferences table, to allow clients to set the preferred order in which connections are attempted.
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView* ptv = m_cdb->OpenConnectionPrefTableInRankOrderLC(ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing);


But I have a lot of mistakes. How I should define m_overrides, m_cdb, aPref? What else problems can be in the code?
Thank you in advance,