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    KERN-EXEC 3 error during leaving the application

    I am currently developing application on ser. 60(using j2me) and testing them in either 3650 or 3660. The application runs perfectly well until it was interrupted by pressing a menu button or the red button. When you go back to the application an app closed or kern-exec 3 error is displayed and you need to re-start your phone.

    I have tried testing the same application in a 6630 phone no error occurs even if it is continously interrupted by the menu button anywhere in the application.

    Is this problem phone specific or a known bug for 3650 & 3660? What can you suggest that i do about it?

    By the way the firmware ver. of by 3660 is v 4.57 (21-10-2003 NHL-8)
    and my 6630 is v 1.25.1B4(01-07-04 RM-1)
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