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    Unhappy cannot install applications on Nokia 6225

    I have a Nokia 6225 and i cannot install any application (though the phone is enabled to use java applications and it came with some applications pre-installed when I bought it which works perfectly).

    I tried with Nokia Suite and it wasn't possible then i noticed it was impossible to send .jar files to the phone.

    Lately i read that phones which have not the "applications menu" (menu 13th) enabled cannot get new applications. My phone has not that menu.

    I'd appreciate if someone can tell me how to enable applications menu (maybe with a feature code or by carrying the phone to a nokia center to upgrade its software), or any way to solve this situation.

    I'm from Venezuela. My email is juanktle@yahoo.com

    Thanks a lot!

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    You don't really need the Application menu if you have the Download -- Application menu.

    I had the same problem and open the thread "Cannot push jar files on my Nokia 6585" to see how I could finally install an application on my phone. Hope this helps!!

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    Re: cannot install applications on Nokia 6225

    With my 6225 I can upload jad/jar files to my apps menu using Nokia PC Suite (over IrDA), but I can upload jad/jar files to my Games (menu 9) menu using Oxygen Phone Manager 2 (also IrDA). Sorry, cannot provide an address as the software came with my IrDA Dongle. Hope this helps!

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