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    9210 supports UTF-8 / 8210 does not support UTF-8

    When 9210 sends Smart Message with vCalendar, and if the vCalendar description includes characters like "", UTF-8 is used as the character-set. This is same for other newer Nokia phones like 6210.
    (Older Nokia phones like 8210 do not support UTF-8.)

    Although sms3_0_0.pdf does not mention about UTF-8 at all,
    Why do Nokia newer phones tend to support UTF-8, not ISO-8859-1 ?
    Any newer specification for Smart Messaging other than sms3_0_0.pdf ?

    Moreover, if the table in "3. Which Nokia phones support Smart Messaging?" of Smart Messaging FAQ includes information for character-sets used for non-ASCII codes, it is useful. How do you think ?

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    RE: 9210 supports UTF-8 / 8210 does not support UTF-8

    The newer version of Smart Messaging document is not yet a published.
    UTF-8 contains more characters than ISO-8859-1.
    It would be useful to have more information about character sets,
    let's see what we can do about that.
    M, Forum Nokia

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