i faced with nasty problem on 3650 & 3660 phones:

i switch off my midlet (via task manager), then go to app manager (applications) and choose my midlet again, then it resumes, then _sometimes_ it crashes with NullPointerException. Crash occurs immediately or few moments after resuming (application sometimes renders several frames and crashes).

when i switch on my midlet via task manager ( not app manager ) everything is ok

i cannot catch this exception so i believe that my code is not source of this exception

This exception raises only when i'm using static mutable Image as back buffer for drawing operations.
When i eliminated all operations with this buffer ( Image::getGraphics, etc ) and perform only on-screen drawing (i.e. with screen's Graphics object) no exception raises.

Maybe resuming midlet via app manager damages some data?
Do someone understands what is wrong?

thanx in advance